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About this solution

We Are Glyceria , Your Trusted Guide

A lot of companies are using Google Drive to manage and store some of their files so that their employees can access them easily from anywhere as long as there’s an internet access.

Through this solution you’re able to do:

Get updated version of your files to Google Drive

Let’s say you have to share updated version of specific work files and folders with colleagues on weekly or even daily basis, which is very boring. fortunately, this solution saved your day.

Automate Databases backup process with amazing capabilities

Automate your ERP/accounting system databases backup process and let this solution manage them in the desired way in your Shared Google Drive

About this solution

We Are Glyceria , Your Trusted Guide

This solution can help you manage and automate all the manual work even by automate the internal environment tasks, like:

Lifetime cost,
no monthly subscriptions.

Manage all the dependencies from one configuration file and keep everything under control

Synchronize and backup all your desired files, folders, databases, ..

Source code is yours, don’t have to pay anyone anything

Get real time notification with details about all the done tasks

Manage the system Services, i.g. SQL Server, SQL Server Agent

Lifetime support Lifetime improvements We’re at your disposal

Create and Organize folders and files in Google Drive as per the desired hierarchy.

Schedule the task as per your references and conditions, no need to be logged in to run it!

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