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15 Foremost Reasons Why to Redesign of Website

15 Foremost Reasons Why to Redesign of Website

15 Foremost Reasons Why to Redesign of Website? Redesign of a website is as important as the launch of a new product or service. It goes without saying that a website is any company’s face on the internet. It is the first point of contact for anyone getting to know about the company, online. As a website creates the first impression, it has to be presentable, convincing, to-the-point and definitely up-to-date. It needs to create an exceptional end-user experience for the visitor to stay longer and become a probable customer for the future. Whether it is navigation, design, prompt loading or other factors, if the website is lacking in any of these or more then it definitely needs redesign, at the earliest. 15 Foremost Reasons Why to Redesign of Website? 

15 Major Reasons for Redesign of Website:

1-When the design is outdated

Websites need refurbishing every two years. This is because the design trends keep on changing and when a website doesn’t look like anything on the web and has old-fashioned themes and design, it becomes uninteresting for the visitor. The best way to fix it is to do a thorough analysis of the design trends, bounce rate, SEO, user journeys and software updates. Correct everything that’s not working or missing and you are done with a freshly minted website.

2- Navigational issues

If the visitor gets confused navigating through the site or feels that it’s a cluttered space, you are losing potential customers. Therefore, keep the navigation smooth to deliver the best end-user experience. Fresh content, smooth user journeys, finely presented components, appropriate CTAs and more, are must to tap in the visitors.

3- When the site does not address the target audience

Whether it’s the site’s design or content, anything that does not serve its target audience is considered irrelevant. This causes companies to lose business, customers and revenue. So, redesign to create a relevant website with correct design, content and user personas to ensure it hits the right audience.

4- When companies need to rebrand themselves

Redesign of a website is a must when any business wants to relaunch itself in the market. Branding is the most important strategy to create a stalwart business and every inch of the website should convey the brand. Revamping the site is the easiest way to present a brand with a fresh, new perspective. Starting from color, design, theme, content to CTA, everything can be altered to reflect the brand.

5- While launching a prod

This happens in the case of niche businesses like mobile phones, car manufacturers, construction companies etc. When these businesses want to launch a unique product or service, they change the design to highlight the product. It is a new form of advertising and marketing, which works like wildfire. People connect the product or service with the logo, design elements, color and style of the website.

6- To increase traffic on the site

What is the purpose of a website with no visitors? The whole game of creating a website and keeping it up and running, is to draw a huge number of visitors to it. The visitors will eventually become customers to push sales and increase revenue. For this, efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must. Starting from incorporating keywords to design to On-page optimization techniques, everything needs to work in cohesion to produce desired results. A revamped site with an accomplished level of digital marketing is a sure shot way to increase traffic, sales and revenue.

7- To increase conversion ratio

The sole purpose of having a website is to convert the visitor into lead and then customer. There is something wrong with the website when visitors are not converted into leads. Check if the site has missing elements, broken URLs, 404 error pages, clumsy check-out process etc. Fix these shortcomings by redesigning the web pages, replace the missing pages with informative articles and craft an easy check-out process.

8- To create a bug-free website

A potential customer will remember the experience of the site visit. If there are errors, bugs and redirection issues, it will certainly impact the end-user. They may never return to the website. The best way is to do an audit of the website to check the missing pages, security issues, broken links, redirection problems, lost images, irregular updates of plugins or themes etc. Resolv everything that seems like a hassle for the retention of the end-user. Simply redesign to offer a bug-free, smooth website that delivers the right message through all of its design elements.

9- For a mobile-friendly experience

If your company does not have a presence on the mobile ecosphere, it loses around 70% of the overall traffic. Modern day customers like handy websites or apps that they can scroll and check on the go. This calls for responsive websites that load well on every screen size. A well designed mobile app also solves the problem, but needs installation. Therefore, redesign of the website into a responsive site enhances chances of pulling in a huge mass of visitors. If you already have a responsive site, check that everything is up-to-date in it. Anything missing or inadequate should be corrected at the earliest.

10- To launch mobile-first designs

When businesses create a lighter, easy to scroll mobile version of a website in the first place, they actually attract higher rankings on search engines. Most importantly, visitors find mobile-first sites very easy to operate with its clutter-free design. If your website does not follow this approach, then it’s advisable to redesign the website. Build wireframes for mobile sites prior to that of desktop sites. Expand these wireframes to create easy-breezy desktop sites. This method works well to get higher rankings as well as to create clean, user-friendly websites.

11- For updated software, plugins and themes

Apart from the design, the purpose of redesigning a website is to check if all the components like plugins, themes, page builders, third party integrations and even the hosting platform are up-to-the-mark. If the site seems bulky or takes time to load or creates issues in content management, then it’s time to modify it with new, high performing tools.

12- To apply latest digital marketing strategies

Websites are the biggest marketing tools for companies and businesses that thrive on a web audience. Therefore, revamping the site must include incorporating SEO in navigation structure, integration of social media handles, blog pages, content marketing components, newsletter sign up and latest marketing tools. All these changes will make the site a magnet to attract new users and retain existing ones. Also, it helps to analyze the attention of the user, create better marketing campaigns and ensure connection with social media audiences.

13- For a competitive website

Redesign of websites helps to gain an edge in the competitive digital world. An optimized site equipped with latest technologies, social media integration, organic content, updated versions of plugins, engaging landing pages etc. are various keys to unlock higher traffic, better rankings and heaps of backlinks. If your current site is missing all or any of these, it’s time for a makeover.

14- To offer micro experiences

Just like microgreens work like superfoods, so do micro experiences, which are nothing but small nuances that create an amazing browsing experience. When the visitor or end user connects with the site through notifications, movements, animations, sound or design elements, they refine the overall navigational experience. These subtle behaviors of the site are micro experiences, which can practically connect the user to the brand for a long term. Site redesign can help create such unique practices.

15- For originality and versatility

The website must create an authentic image of the brand and offer the value behind it. The idea is to create a matchless impression of the brand through images, tiny videos, fresh content, illustrations, custom product pages or services. This can be achieved by redesigning the website with genuine ideas that justify the business concept. The main motto behind refurbishing the website should be to make it original, versatile and authentic.

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